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Welcome to FollowMe, the revolutionary platform connecting people through real-time video experiences. Immerse in others' lives, creating deeper connections.
Connecting Through Immersive Live Streaming
At FollowMe, experience real-time connections. Share your life as it happens for an intimate, immersive perspective.
Our Team
Meet the talented individuals behind FollowMe
Steven Gaukel​

As the CEO of FollowMe, Steven Gaukel leads the company in staying at the forefront of innovation.

Jonathan Chamblee

Jonathan, as the Chief Technology Officer, ensures FollowMe remains at the cutting edge of innovation.

Discover New Perspectives With FollowMe's Innovative Streaming
FollowMe offers unique, immersive real-time experiences, redefining human connection with a first-person perspective.
Personal: Share life, build emotional connections with loved ones.
Educational: Learn from others, explore new perspectives.
Entertainment: Tune in to thrilling adventures with FollowMe.
Our Journey So Far
Take a look at the key milestones and achievements of FollowMe.
See The World Through the Eyes Of Others
Join the FollowMe community and start streaming your own adventures today.
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